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In Call2World, we are committed to simplifying telecommunications.
We are passionate about making the difficult easier and focusing on customer satisfaction.
Our vision is to grow through expanding our business capabilities and strategic acquisitions to provide efficient telecommunications solutions.
We are your trusted partner in telecommunications management.


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Connectivity is a modern telecommunications operator with a strong focus on the B2B market. It distinguishes itself through its ability to select and combine the most outstanding solutions in the market, with a special emphasis on fiber and mobile data, and then distribute them to end-users through professionals while centralizing volumes.
The company’s specialization extends to the tourism sector. With remarkable growth in both the national and international markets, Connectivity already provides its services in more than 5 countries.
On the international front, its offerings of roaming data in over 180 countries, supported by physical SIMs and eSIMs, are particularly noteworthy.


UNIQUE is a company specialized in managing and optimizing telecommunications expenses for businesses. They offer services that enable companies to reduce their telecommunications costs by an average of 32% without the need to change their service provider.
Their team of experts, with over 20 years of experience, uses specialized software to optimize contracts with service providers, anticipating both present and future customer needs.
Additionally, they provide comprehensive telecommunications management, which includes day-to-day tasks such as activations, deactivations, issue resolution, and advisory services, as well as conducting RFPs for telecommunications. UNIQUE helps companies optimize and control their fixed and mobile phone services, saving them time and money.


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